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Título : The listening skill. its influence upon the english language learning process in the students from the applied linguistics school at PUCESE
Autor : Escobar Suárez, Juleise Anaís
Palabras clave : - Listening skill - English learning
Fecha de publicación : 25-oct-2016
Editorial : Ecuador - PUCESE- Escuela de Lingüística Aplicada
Citación : LA.023;
Resumen : A descriptive quantitative investigation was carried out to describe the influence that the listening skill has upon the English language learning process in the students from the Applied Linguistics School at PUCESE, using the deductive and inductive methods, a bibliographical research about the listening skill and the English language learning process was done, some instruments were applied such as a survey and observation. The population was formed by 43 students and the sample by 40. The results showed that the listening skill is not as full worked as it needs to be, and that the students consider that with its development and practice, they can get better upon the other skills, like reading, writing and speaking, teachers are regularly implementing the listening skill in their lessons, and the students are interesting in using it, also the students agreed that teachers sometimes use listening materials for teaching, improving the English language and engaging them to work actively in the lesson, but they need more practice. In conclusion, the general results of this investigation coincided with the results of previous investigations, related to this topic, both supported the application and use of listening materials for improving students’ skills and the English language knowledge. For instance, they had developed some strategies and methodologies, teachers can work with in their lessons. The author of this investigation had also designed a set of exercises, so that teachers can use them in their lessons for engaging students and making them work actively with tasks. Through these exercises learning turned to be very significant and motivation increased for developing all the other skills.
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URI : http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/901
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