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Título : Bilingualism: Main Problems in Article Choice by Children Learning English as a Second Language
Autor : Makarian Palazian, María Krikor
- Bilingualism
Fecha de publicación : 12-oct-2015
Editorial : Ecuador: PUCESE - Escuela de Lingüística Aplicada
Citación : LA.010;
Resumen : The aim of this research was to define what bilingualism is and to describe the advantages and disadvantages that children have during the process of learning a second language. Data was collected through an interview applied to teachers in order to get information about their background and the methodologies they use. Also, an interview and a test were applied to students in order to diagnose their use of the language and their knowledge about articles. The investigation was carried out at “Don Bosco” Fiscomisional School in Esmeraldas. The sample was made up by 6 teachers and 114 students of the mentioned school. Results showed that half of teachers have an academic degree. According to results, teachers think that grammar is the most appropriate and significant skill that students need to become bilingualism and they considered that practicing the speaking is the best way to lead bilingualism. According to students’ answers, most of them did not have any relatives who manage the target language, and almost half of them do not know how to use the articles. It was recommended that teachers should attend more seminars to learn about new methodology trends to apply bilingualism in the school in order to help students improve their knowledge about English articles.
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