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Título : Rural Teachers’ Professional Formation And Its Influence On The English Language Teaching-Learning Process In Esmeraldas
Autor : Estupiñán García Gladys Romina
Palabras clave : Training workshop, rural teachers, English language, teaching-learning.
Fecha de publicación : 1-oct-2021
Editorial : Ecuador - PUCESE – Maestría en Pedagogía del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera
Citación : ART.049
Resumen : The primary purpose of this research was designing a training workshop about teaching methods and techniques for learning the English language to professors of Rio Verde Canton of the Esmeraldas province, this research work had a qualitative approach with the use of methods such as Analysis, Synthesis and Hermeneutics. The technique used was the questionnaire addressed to 6 teachers who teach English in three different institutions of this Canton, to obtain more direct information and this generate the corresponding analysis. With the information obtained of the survey, it was tabulated manually. The data were taken to figures and tables using the Microsoft Excel program. The results obtained showed that the teachers of the Rio Verde Canton lacked methodological insufficiencies to carry out the teaching-learning process of the English language, the lack of didactic resources and technological tools is a great limitation, that is why a training for teachers to gain a good command of English as a Second Language is necessary. With the completion of this research, a satisfactory contribution has been obtained with results that allow teachers to make the correct use of the curriculum with innovative methods and techniques and thus ensure that students find love for the subject, and it is useful to their daily live in this globalized and technological world. A guide of methods and techniques will be included to help develop the academic process of pupil
Descripción : Tesis previa obtención del título de Magister en Pedagogía del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera
URI : https://repositorio.pucese.edu.ec/handle/123456789/2749
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