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Título : Technological Tools To Improve Senior High School Students’ Motivation For English Language Learning At Atacames School, Esmeraldas Province
Autor : Vaca Bone Faviola
Palabras clave : motivation, teaching techniques, methodology, learning process, strategies, technologies
Fecha de publicación : 1-oct-2021
Editorial : Ecuador - PUCESE – Maestría en Pedagogía del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera
Citación : ART.046
Resumen : The present research project aims to analyze technological tools to improve motivation in the learning of the English language in senior high school at Atacames school, Esmeraldas province, in 2019. Through this study it is intended to generate practical and useful knowledge for the educational environment of the institution, the research is qualitative because the level of motivation experienced by students in the classroom was analyzed, specifically in the subject of English, and quantitative because the data were governed by numerical parameters acquired in the tabulation. In addition, the hermeneutical method was applied for the interpretation of this investigation having as results some essential facts such as the lack of motivation in students to learn a foreign language, teachers do not motivate learners, in both cases they maintain extrinsic motivation. Additionally, Technological tools such as the projector, the computer, and videos are not used in the teaching of the English language. Finally, teachers and students end up in the English classes dissatisfied due to the lack of motivation. They also coincided with the study on measures aimed at improving the teaching-learning of English in educational institutions. It can clearly evidence the absence of encouragement to learners during the English class which makes scholars refuse to learn this universal language. To conclude, it was determined that teaching techniques are not used frequently by English teacher
Descripción : Tesis previa obtención del título de Magister en Pedagogía del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera
URI : https://repositorio.pucese.edu.ec/handle/123456789/2731
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