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Título : Local Culture And Context In English Language Teaching
Autor : Murillo Oyarvide Luisa María
Palabras clave : Local context and culture, English language teaching, inclusion, teacher’s perception, students
Fecha de publicación : 13-may-2021
Editorial : Ecuador - PUCESE – Maestría en Pedagogía del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera
Citación : ART.025
Resumen : With the aim of analyzing the inclusion of local culture and context in English Language Teaching at Don Bosco School, a descriptive and quantitative investigation was carried out using the methods Analysis, Synthesis, and Hermeneutic with two surveys that contained multiple-choice questions to know specific information and opinion of teachers and students. The results of this investigation showed a lack in the inclusion of local culture and context situation in the English Language teaching-learning process. Besides, the identification of English teachers’ perception in front of cultural and contextual aspects where students have been involved since their birth until the present and how those aspects are included in the English language teaching-learning process. Furthermore, specific elements about context and culture which may be used as a resource in English language classes in Esmeraldas to engage students with their own identity. In addition, the analysis of this investigation allowed to know a meaningful information about how teachers include and integrate local context and culture in the English Language teaching-learning process with students from a different socioeconomic, religion and experiences. Finally, this investigation concluded that the inclusion and integration of local context and culture is based on teachers and students’ perceptions, and it will be meaningful for them to emerge as a global language through their culture, which allow successful results of the learning process.
Descripción : Tesis previa obtención del título de Magister en Pedagogía del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera
URI : https://repositorio.pucese.edu.ec/handle/123456789/2484
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