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dc.contributor.authorZamora Palacios Janella Vicenta-
dc.descriptionTesis previa obtención del título de Magister en Pedagogía del Inglés como Lengua Extranjeraes_ES
dc.description.abstractTo design a Socio-Culturally based didactic strategy to improve students’ reading skills, a mixed investigation of a descriptive scope was carried out in the year 2020. The population of the study was formed by a hundred English teachers from different schools in Esmeraldas, and the sample consisted of 28 of them, who were chosen at random. The methods of investigation used were Analysis, Synthesis, Hermeneutics, and the techniques used were a survey and a documentary review. The results revealed that the main difficulties concerning reading skills students present are the insufficient critical thinking and low analysis about the reading content; most of the students develop reading comprehension identifying main ideas; the principal reading strategies used by teachers in class occasionally involve social interaction, they mainly develop individual activities. Based on the diagnosis made, a Socio-Culturally Based didactic strategy was designed, with three stages: Preparatory Socio-Interactional Reading, which consists of getting the students be prepared before the reading process start, by means of socio-interactive activities; Socio-Interactional Reading, which deals with creating an interactivees_ES
dc.publisherEcuador - PUCESE – Maestría en Pedagogía del Inglés como Lengua Extranjeraes_ES
dc.subjectsocio-culturally, social interaction, didactic strategy, reading comprehension, socio-interactional.es_ES
dc.titleA Socio-Culturally Based Didactic Strategy To Improve Students’ Reading Skillses_ES
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